Building and developing your DSLR system

This course is a follow on from the DSLR Part 1, and is for advanced amateur photographers.
This course addresses specific photographic themes, and the associated accessories.
The actual content of each course will be determined through prior discussion.
Your DSLR camera body has been designed to facilitate a wide range of additional lenses.
Accessories such as specialist lenses, Speedlights, wireless triggers, remote shooting, live view,
and wi-fi connections, are increasingly used to capture powerful images. We explore these.

We study specialist themes, identify the most powerful techniques that are applied to each,
and consider the typical post production processes that are applied. These are agreed with
attendees prior to the course. The practical exercises that are undertaken will provide
evidence of the effectiveness of the chosen techniques.
We will explore opportunities to meet with “experts” in the chosen fields.

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