Small flash photography.

Small flash photography is popular among today’s professional photographers. It has become possible to do away with expensive, and not particularly mobile, “big flash” studio lights. Advanced amateurs with DSLR have instant access on their LCD screen of picture quality, and therefore no longer need the “modelling light specification” of “big flash”. There is no need to calculate distance, reflectivity and colour temperature. Just check the LCD screen, and make immediate adjustments before firing another test shot. The advanced amateur is using their DSLR as a lighting assistant.
The modern, powerful, flash units from the major manufacturers offer great opportunities.
This practical course takes place in a small lounge setting, and teaches “studio photography” with “small flash” resources. The principles and techniques are the same as for professional studios, but quite specifically opens up far greater opportunities for social, fashion, glamour photography for the advanced amateur.

Modern small flash has the advantage of being controlled directly from DSLRs, thanks to the quality of the LCD, the interaction with wi-fi technology, and the expert electronics of TTL linked to multiple flash units.
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