Choosing the right camera.

This is a most exciting Christmas for digital cameras. There are compact cameras for just £50 and the new breed of SLT bridge cameras from £250, and DSLR cameras from £500. The biggest increase in demand is for the DSLRs at about £800, just for the camera body, with each extra lens costing between £400 and £1500.

This Christmas is a milestone in the technological development of digital cameras. The modern camera may be controlled by a touch sensitive screen, which may be flipped out and rotated. The menu systems may give access to a great many effects that can be generated within the camera including sepia toning, attaching picture frames, or even presenting traditional black and white. Additionaly, there are cameras that have face recognition that can join several pictures together to make a long panorama composite picture. There are underwater cameras, and rugged cameras. These “Choosing the right camera” sessions will identify all of these options, and help you to choose what is most important to you, and aims to find a “best buy for me”.

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